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With a network built from factories to all major worldwide ports, we can help get your furniture anywhere in the world. We can ship on all major routes and arrange for delivery direct to your project whether this is in the UK, Europe or the Middle East. Due to volumes, we can secure some of the best shipping prices with our freight forwarders giving the best prices without compromising service.

Due Diligence

All factories are fully compliant with UKFR and with regular independent testing of component parts will are able to provide all required certification. As well as testing will also have independent QC checks carried out that check for faults in all manufacturing processes. We ask all partners to use the same fabric supplier and foam supplier so that testing can be more rigorous. Stocks arriving in the UK are routinely checked to make sure incident rates are kept at the lowest level.

Attached are examples of our UKFR test reports, up to date FR certificates can be supplied on request.

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